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Any suggestions on what to give to someone when their cat passes away?

My stepmom’s cat passed away & I feel like I should get her flowers or something. This has been a rough week for her since her mom was diagnosed with cancer earlier in the week as well.

Do you get flowers in a situation like this or just a card? Help??

Apparently you can have mono & strep at the same time?!? Getting tested for both right now 😑

Y’all I’m the worst. I just went through some of my new followers and you guys are the best okay?!? I followed like all you because you’re awesome your blog is awesome.

That’s all PSA over. Oh and I’m the worst at checking my followers/blogging. I apologize <3

Kodaline & The Wind + The Wave/Bernhoft both cancelled their tours which is SUCH a bummer. 

I was super excited about The Wind + The Wave & my boyfriend was even more excited about the Kodaline concert. This is just really unfortunate.

Both bands cancelled due to reasons that are totally out their control. I honestly feel terrible for both bands, but especially for The Wind + The Wave. They are missing on their entire US tour because the headliner cancelled. :/