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I can’t think of a better way to spend my morning than being on the phone with my bank. The best part? I was calling for a purchase my stepmom forgot to mention was placed on my card. 30 minutes wasted.

I’m sorry but I seriously needed some JD Martinez on my dashboard.

I’m sorry but I seriously needed some JD Martinez on my dashboard.

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If any of you wonderful people on Tumblr are looking for some volunteer design work please hit me up. It’s for a nonprofit organization that is looking to build a youth/teen center in the area.

I am swamped to death with work, freelance work, and volunteer work that I think I might die by design. Help me.

Anyways I need a postcard, a flyer and a social media post designed by next Wednesday. :|

Quick Update

Hello everyone!

This blog is going to remain my “little bit of everything blog.” Same as always, but I might throw in some freelance/volunteer work stories because I am getting some good ones. 

I also have more freelance/volunteer work than ever along with balancing a full time job, a boyfriend (sorry babe), and everything else. 

BUT I am going to get better about blogging again! Most of my art updates will go up on my portfolio website (message me for link), and my music postings and updates can be found on this blog. Twitter will be the same along with Instagram, but I’m trying to get more professional with everything. I feel like I’m inches away from my next career step.

Anyways this will still be spot for me being all goofy, freaking out over music releases and joking around. Thank you for hanging in there & let’s catch up!


—Hot Dad Calendar


Cayetana- "Hot Dad Calendar"

Everyone go check out Cayetana. Their new album is seriously so rad.

I’m talking to YOU Tancred & Hospitality fans!